Adventures in Understanding Documents

Computers are pretty good at reading text. They’ve not always been that great at understanding what all the text means; especially if the mountains of text are buried in arcane business and financial documents – many of which have been scanned in. Clojure offers an elegant way for machines to finally understand documents.   Leveraging some core language features + 3rd party Clojure libraries has allowed our business to transform our lending criteria and processes.


studdenhamScott Tuddenham
SOS Capital

CTO – SOS Capital.  Transforming Alternative Lending through better technology.

Hacker in Residence – Significance Labs.   Building Impactful Apps for Underserved populations, principally in NYC. Software Engineer –   Building the grand IoT distributed OS. Independent Commodities Trader – used Clojure to analyze and trade the markets en masse, in real-time.