Building composable abstractions

Do you want to create robust and composable abstractions? Conal Elliott’s Denotational Design is an iterative process to define the essence of a domain and build in composability. The resulting abstractions lead to more robust code at the core of your application and can give your business a competitive advantage. This is the process that created Functional Reactive Programming. We will apply this process to the Quil graphics library to develop a composable vector graphics system.


eric-photo-1Eric Normand 


Eric Normand is a long time functional programmer excited to see it entering the mainstream. He loves teaching and cooking. You can learn Clojure and ClojureScript from him at and read his thoughts in The Clojure Gazette. If you visit him in New Orleans, you can meet his wife and daughter. He’ll even make you some gumbo if you tell him you’re coming.