Clarifying Rules Engines with Clara Rules

Rules engines have been around for over 20 years and are primarily based around the Rete algorithm.  They can be a powerful tool to have available when dealing with complex conditional logic.  The Rete algorithm originally described in 1982 has evolved significantly, but it can be difficult to find resources on how a modern day implementation works.  In this talk, we will take a deeper look at how a modern Rete implementation works by using the open-source rules engine, Clara rules.  Clara is written in Clojure and is actively being used in production to efficiently evaluate thousands of rules against hundreds of thousands of facts.


image1Mike Rodriguez

Mike Rodriguez has been developing within the Java ecosystem for about 6 years.  He started using Clojure full-time about 4 years ago.  He loves to dig into the details of how things work within the field of programming, along with other areas of computer science, math, and physics.