Clojure at DataStax: The Long Road From Python to Clojure

This talk will detail our experience using Clojure at DataStax for our OpsCenter product. The main focus of the talk will be our desire to move from Python to Clojure and how the process is going. As part of that I’ll discuss why we decided to introduce Clojure to begin with, how we first integrated Clojure into a single component of our application, and how we are now working towards migrating our entire application to Clojure. From a technical perspective, I’ll cover our approach to migrating to Clojure by using Jython as an intermediate step between Python and Clojure. I’ll also touch on the experience of choosing Clojure and then scaling a development team from a single team 3 developers to multiple teams and over 15 developers in a span of five years.


nbaileyNick Bailey

Nick Bailey is a software architect at DataStax where he is responsible for designing and building OpsCenter, a distributed database monitoring and management tool. He is the maintainer of the library as well as a co-author of the book “Professional Clojure”.