In situ model-based learning in PAMELA

PAMELA is an open source modeling tool set implemented in Clojure that was funded by DARPA as a marriage of model-based programming and machine learning. Effective learning has been shown to result in extremely high performance results when done well, but the obstacles are immense from collecting the training data to applying the correct learning methods to integrating back the learning results into the program that needs them. Imagine a model-based program that was integrated with your application that automatically gathered training data, automatically ran the correct machine learning algorithms and automatically inserted the learned results into the program.

PAMELA has come a long way since we introduced it in Seattle at Clojure/west because given a plant implemented in Clojure and a model of that program written in PAMELA we can now automate and integrate the whole learning process in exactly that way.

In this talk, assisted by a life running demonstration, we will present in detail how the PAMELA tool chain allows in situ learning to happen without having to be an ML expert and without tears.


paulrobertsonPaul Robertson
DOLL Inc. 



Dr. Robertson is president of Dynamic Object Language Labs, a small research company near Boston. Formerly he worked at BBN Technologies and at MIT. At MIT he designed and implemented a Java version of RMPL, a predecessor to PAMELA. Dr. Robertson has over 15 years of Computer Vision experience with more than 15 years’ experience in advanced language implementation, self-adaptive software, artificial intelligence, and knowledge-based systems.Dr Robertson developed Yolambda, a small portable object oriented Lisp Dialect that was used in multiple research projects including GRAVA, a reflective architecture for image understanding which he has applied to a number of areas including the interpretation of satellite and aerial images and to the interpretation of ancient documents.


tom-marbleTom Marble
Informatique, Inc. 


Tom Marble is the founder of Informatique, Inc., a consultancy which leverages his hardware, software and open source legal experiences. He is working to improve diversity as an Outreach coordinator for Debian and as one of the organizers of ClojureBridge Minneapolis.