Proto REPL, a New Clojure Development and Visualization Tool

Proto REPL is a full featured Clojure development environment built within the popular open source text editor, Atom. Built on the foundations of the Chrome web browser, Atom provides an ideal platform for building a development environment because it provides all the flexibility of the web for visualizing data and constructing a GUI. Proto REPL exploits Atom’s browser-like capabilities to provide full integration with the REPL and allow visualizing data within the context of your code using libraries like D3. This talk will cover how to best use Proto REPL’s unique features such as its debugging and visualization tools and how to extend Proto REPL to add new capabilities.


jgilmanJason Gilman
Element 84

Jason Gilman is the creator of Proto REPL and a software engineer working for Element 84 in the DC area. He has been working with and developing high performance systems for the last 10 years. He co-organizes the ClojureDC meet up group.