Clojure is a growing language that has attracted attention due to its powerful abstractions, well-composed feature set, integration with the JVM and the wealth of available Java libraries.

If you’re interested in interacting with the Clojure community, Clojure/conj is an excellent opportunity to reach 500+ Clojure developers.

At Clojure/conj, we have sponsorship opportunities for you to promote your brand, your product, or your company for hiring. Help us understand your needs so we can make your involvement special.

Please review this prospectus and contact Alex Miller and Lynn Grogan at events@cognitect.com





For Clojure/conj we would like to like to support 25 community members and will need at least $20,000 to reach our goal. We’ve currently raised $5,000 and have a ways to go! Every contribution helps make a difference in our community.


Contact us at events@cognitect.com