Intro to Clojure

Dates: November 29 – 30, 2016 (2 days)
Instructor: Craig Andera (@craigandera)
Price: $350

This course is intended for new Clojure developers with some programming experience in another language. We expect that prior to the class you will have installed a REPL and spent a few hours reading an introductory Clojure text. Some recommended texts include Clojure for the Brave and True, Clojure From the Ground Up, and Living Clojure. Sessions will include a mix of lecture and labs.

The goal of the course is to achieve a thorough understanding of the basics of Clojure syntax and usage. Topics will include the Clojure syntax and evaluation model, collections, sequences, functions, flow control, namespaces, records, protocols, multimethods, and state.

The course covers two full days (Tues. Nov 29 and Wed. Nov 30, 9-5 pm). Beverages and snacks are provided both days. Lunch will be provided on Tuesday. Wifi and power will be provided. Attendees are expected to bring a laptop – instructions will be sent later on workshop setup.

About the instructor: Craig has been programming in Clojure since nearly the beginning, most commonly to implement large-scale, web-based systems for Cognitect’s customers. He is also the host of The Cognicast, Cognitect’s podcast about software and the people that create it.

When not trying to keep up with his coworkers, Craig enjoys running, playing one of several instruments badly, hand-tool woodworking, and answering the increasingly difficult questions his daughters ask him.

Datomic Workshop

Date: Tuesday, November 29, 9 am – 5 pm (1 day)
Instructor: Stu Halloway (@stuarthalloway)
Price: $200

In this workshop, we will present the fundamentals of Datomic, covering basic architecture, modeling with schema, transactions, queries, and basic operations. Also, attendees will spend time working hands-on with Datomic.

Beverages, snack, wifi, and power will be provided. Attendees are expected to bring a laptop – instructions will be sent later on workshop setup.

About the instructor: Stuart Halloway is a founder and President of Cognitect, Inc. He is a Clojure committer, and a developer of the Datomic database. Stuart has spoken at a variety of industry events, including StrangeLoop, Clojure/conj, EuroClojure, Clojure/west, SpeakerConf, QCon, GOTO, OSCON, RailsConf, RubyConf, JavaOne, and NFJS. Stuart has written a number of books and technical articles. Of these, he is most proud of Programming Clojure.

How to run a ClojureBridge Workshop

Date: Wednesday, November 30, 9 am – 12 pm
Instructors: Nola Stowe (@clojuregeek) & Millicent Walsh (@mh_walsh)
Price: Free

Are you interested in running a ClojureBridge Workshop but don’t know where to start? Come learn about what is involved in running a workshop and learned what has worked for others. We will spend time going over the projects and the different types of workshops. We will talk about how to get sponsors and how to get the local community involved in the process.

Beverages, snack, wifi, and power will be provided.

About the instructors: Nola has run RailsBridge and ClojureBridge workshops. She is active in the local community and  organizes AustinRB, Women Who Code South Austin and Women Who Code Functional Programming meetings. Nola has her own consulting business using Clojure, Ruby and Javascript.

Millicent Walsh is a programming artist or an artistic programer depending on the day. She also enjoys human and computer languages, travel, Spain, international news, dancing, yoga, pilates, tango, flamenco, gardening, cooking, wine, food, organizing people, and turning ideas into reality. She is a ClojureBridgeMN organizer (five bridges and counting!), frequent track two student, and networker extraordinaire. She sometimes tweets at @mh_walsh


Date: Wednesday, November 30, 1 pm – 5 pm
Instructor: Alex Miller (@puredanger)
Price: $150

The new Clojure spec library provides a standard, expressive, powerful, and integrated system for specification and testing of data and functions.

This workshop will cover how to create and use predicate specs, range specs, compound specs, the registry, entity specs and merge, collection and tuple specs, multi-spec, regex ops, and function specs. Also, the workshop will cover the use of specs for validation, conforming, explaining errors, assertions, instrumentation, and automated testing.

Some intermediate topics will also be discussed such as custom generators, recursive specs, and others to be determined later.

This workshop assumes attendees are familiar with Clojure syntax and will not cover introductory Clojure material. It does not assume any prior familiarity with clojure.spec.

Beverages, snack, wifi, and power will be provided. Attendees are expected to bring a laptop – instructions will be sent later on workshop setup.

About the instructor: Alex Miller works on Clojure and supports the community at Cognitect. He co-authored the recent book, Clojure Applied (Pragmatic Press) and is currently working on the 3rd edition of Programming Clojure (Pragmatic Press).