WormBase database migration to Datomic on AWS: A case Study

WormBase is an online portal hosting a database on the the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans. Over the years the database has grown with regard to both size and complexity. As a result we decided to start migrating our database to a modern system. After gathering our requirements and comparing the alternatives, prototyping the major alternatives we ended up deciding to migrate our core database to Datomic. With our lean team we have developed a system for both importing our data into Datomic and a custom REST interface being used by the production website. This talk will go over the journey we went through to get to where we are today, I will be touching on everything from DevOps to database development with Clojure.


awrightAdam Wright
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Adam Wright is a Lead Scientific Developer in Dr. Lincoln Stein’s Lab at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. He received a Management Engineering degree at the University of Waterloo and a Biology degree at the University of Guelph. Adam has experience working international scale research project. On which he has taken on a variety of positions including: data scientist, machine learning algorithm developer, DevOps, REST interface developer and web development.